Adult Literacy Issues

There was a time when testing was not always a way to measure a student’s ability to read, and some people managed to get through schooling without it. They might have simply memorized what their teachers taught, or they could have been rated only at barely passing. The lack of ability to read in modern society has become a stumbling block, but adult literacy issues are being addressed today. Those unable to read once they have left school are now able to find and take advantage of adult classes specifically formulated to help them.

Embarrassment is often the reason adults keep others from learning this secret, but it can be worse when they are found out. Many jobs today require a person have a minimal standard of reading, and the lack can keep a person from being employed. Unable to read has become the equivalent of being unable to work. Adults may be embarrassed that they have little or no reading skills, but the lack of work could mean they are unable to afford a home or food.

It takes a great deal of courage for many people with literacy issues to get help, and volunteers and paid workers teaching adult classes understand it is an issue they cope with on a daily basis. They are patient with their students, and each milestone is celebrated. Learning to read as an adult can be just as much of a struggle as it was when they were children, but they can master this necessary subject and move forward in life.

Taking or teaching an adult literacy class is an important step in making modern life better for everyone. The frustration that comes with a lack of reading ability can be circumvented by learning, and those who are willing to take the time to do it often find many areas of their life improve dramatically as they decipher even the easiest words.